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Some pdf files created out of odp files are posted here. The current set of slides is based on the workshop organised at Bangalore University, twice, and Government Arts College, Salem. We had the good opportunity of organizing R worshops at Department of Statistics, Bangalore University during 23 and 30 August, 2008. Also, as of today 23 March, 2010, we are in the midst of a workshop. The Day 1 of the workshop was held on 6 March 2010, and the Day 2 will be on 27 March, 2010. The 2010 and 2008 workshop were held under the chairpersonship of Profs. J.V. Janhavi and P. Rajalakshmi respectively. Special thanks to them for the confidence in a young team.
Dr. G. Nanjundan specially inculcated programming practices in us during his course on C++ during our I Semester. We owe a lot of our style to him. Naturally, we were thrilled to join him for the workshop during 19-20 February, 2010. It was lot of hapiness to share to forum with him. Its not quite possible to thank him, though he understands our limitations of words.
Of course, you can always get more at http://r-notes.weebly.com/

R Basics

We are particularly proud of these set of slides. We begin with R-basics and illustrate the power of EDA analysis using R. This is followed up with some classical examples of Probability Theory. Further, we conclude the session with Goodness-of-fit of well-known probability distributions and classical tests from statistical inference.
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Multivariate Statistical Analysis Using R

Currently, I am also working a presentation of Multivariate Statistics. You can give your feedback on it. Thanks.
We have adapted a slightly old-school approach. Following summaries of multivariate data, we stick to standard testing procedure of testing for the mean vectors, variance-covariance matrices, testing for independence of sub-vectors, etc. This is later followed up by Principal Component Analysis and Linear Discriminant Analysis. Rencher (2002) has been the text source and we have illustrated most our programs using the examples of this book.
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Linear Regression Analysis Through R

Suresh Ramaiah has developed the following set of slides for the workshops organised at Bangalore University and Government Arts College, Salem. He presents it in the right pedagogical manner, and thereby in the benefit interest of the audience. Feedback may as well be given to him at sureshramaiah@gmail.com
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Bootstrapping Linear Regression Model, Nonlinear Regression, and Bayesian Regression Model

Also, the below set of slides address a few advanced topics in regression analysis. Particularly, bootstrapping regression model, nonlinear regression, and Bayesian linear regression is addressed.
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Generalzied Linear Models Through R

Chapters 1-4 of Hosmer and Lemeshow (2000) have been completely complemented with R-codes in the presentation of the slides here. Greater thanks to them.
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R-codes and the relevant datasets will be soon uploaded for the above presentations. This blog is maintained by me, Prabhanjan, and request you to give your suggestions and criticisms  at prabhanjannt@gmail.com. For more information, see r-notes.weebly.com

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